What mat is best for you?

One of our most frequently asked question by customers is:
What mat is best for me? 

When creating the Downward Dog mat, we wanted to ensure that our mats could be used for a diverse range of exercise, movement and classes. This is why we like to refer to our mats as exercise mats rather than yoga mats. From testing and trialling out the Launch Collection, we have found some mats to be better suited to certain activities. Here is our verdict on what mat is best for YOU!

If you are looking for a mat for slower movements such as yoga or stretching, we recommend our  Vegan Suede Collection as these 3mm mats offer a soft, supportive and silky base. The Vegan Suede will get more grippy with moisture so, you can spray your mat down at the start of your workout if you want that added grip or, it will get more grippy as you sweat.

If you are looking for a mat that will offer you the ultimate grip - We recommend the Natural Rubber Collection that is perfect for a pose that may require extra grip or support. This mat is 4mm in thickness and offers exceptional support. This added thickness also ensures that the mat will stay put throughout the session.

For movements such as HIIT, aerobics or dance workouts - We recommend the Natural Rubber Collection as they offer extra joint support. However, if you are looking for a funky print, then the Vegan Suede mats are the perfect alternative for these types of workouts. 

If you have any more questions about what mat you want to go for then, please do not hesitate to email: hello@downwarddogclub.com