Our Sustainability

At The Downward Dog Club, we want to help make a difference, we are a young business and learning as we go. As part of our efforts to make a difference we have partnered with One Tree Planted who are a non-profit organisation, their main mission is to help our environment through global reforestation. We believe that now is the most important time for businesses to take action and responsibility in making a difference in our environment one tree at a time and by also ensuring every business process is done with the environment in our thoughts. We are integrating their One For One program with our online platform, so with every tree you plant, we will match that and plant a tree too. 


Technical Specifications

When designing the Downward Dog mats, we wanted to ensure that they were made of eco-friendly materials. We choose to use natural rubber as it provides the ultimate grip and because natural rubber is 100% biodegradable. All of our mats are printed with water-based inks which is ink that is made with water rather than PVC or plastic. It was imperative to us that our mats were made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials as there are a significant amount of low cost, poor quality PVC yoga mats on offer which are extremely harmful to the environment and are sadly common. Please be assured that we do not test on animals and all of our mats are 100% Vegan. All of our postal packaging is 100% recyclable.


Downward Dog Club would not exist if it wasn't for the amazing people who produce our products, we have made it our mission to ensure the workers have good working conditions and have plans to travel to the factories when non-essential travel is back open. The factory is based in China and we are lucky enough to have built a tremendous relationship with the workers, this is one that we hope to be a long-standing working relationship and are looking forward to growing together. Our team and factory receive fair pay, work in an ethical, safe and happy environment. We are continuously thinking of new ways to improve our processes, packaging, freight and products to be more environmentally friendly, along with this we ensure our day to day actions are environmentally conscious. 


Proud partner of One Tree Planted

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